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International verhandeln und verkaufen

Crash Course in Selling and Negotiation

Overcoming All Challenges to Make the Sale

Great products are not enough to make a sale. Today’s salespeople face more challenges than ever before: a difficult economy, global competition, better informed customers thanks to the Internet. As a result, we have to deal with better prepared buyers with a wider range of choices. And loyalty often takes a back seat to the hard facts of the offer. But still some thrive while others barely survive. This intensive one-day seminar provides practical how-to knowledge based on an analysis of how successful salespeople in a wide variety of fields push their sales. Learn the secrets of how to increase your odds of concluding the sale.

  • Putting the sales discussion into perspective

  • Selling is about asking questions, not pushing products!

  • Improvement of your active listening skills

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Successful Negotiating strategy

  • Handling dirty tricks from the buyer side

Aktuell nur als firmeninternes Seminar buchbar.

Die Seminardetails, Referentenprofile, Teilnehmerkreis und Ihre Konditionen finden Sie in der aktuellen Seminarbroschüre. Klicken Sie hierzu einfach auf den nachfolgenden pdf-Link.


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