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Interkulturelles Training USA

Doing Business with US-Americans

Developing strategies for better communication and profitable business relationships

Do you and your colleagues find yourselves having difficulty doing business with US Americans? Business people working globally are aware of cultural differences, but are often not aware of how cultural upbringing impacts communication, expectations, and working styles. This 2-day seminar helps European business people recognize the hidden cultural obstacles to understand US Americans better. In order to communicate successfully, learn to work together and build solid partnerships. Being successful in the US means learning how your partners tick.

  • Welcome to the USA: Your experiences doing business with North Americans up till now

  • Communicating across cultures and communicating across borders

  • Americans and Europeans: doing business and working successfully together

  • Creating a positive working atmosphere: there are hidden key differences

  • That American feeling: why is it so important and valuable to understand

  • Leadership is the key: what do American employees expect of the manager

  • Selling and negotiating styles of Americans and their typical expectations

  • The cross cultural triangle: communication, leadership and organization

  • Preferred presentation styles for American business audiences

  • Winning the audience: presenting your products successfully to Americans

  • Building intercultural synergy with American clients, project team members or employees

  • Cool down: Debriefing, checklist, feedback

Vermitteltes Fachwissen (320 Teilnehmernoten)
Vermittelte Fähigkeiten (320 Teilnehmernoten)
Inspirierende Wirkung (320 Teilnehmernoten)

Aktuell nur als firmeninternes Seminar buchbar.

Die Seminardetails, Referentenprofile, Teilnehmerkreis und Ihre Konditionen finden Sie in der aktuellen Seminarbroschüre. Klicken Sie hierzu einfach auf den nachfolgenden pdf-Link.


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