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Global Teambuilding and Integration

Skills for Helping Geographically and Culturally Diverse Teams Work Well Together

Leadership is no longer only a matter of controlling people who sit in the same facility as you. They may be working from home, from an office in another town or halfway around the globe. This seminar will not only explore the concepts of world-class team working but will introduce you to proven techniques for removing barriers and building trust among members of your team.

  • Interactive introduction

  • Forming teams

  • Teams in our global business environment

  • Major teambuilding activity 1: The Rope Square

  • What, why and how of teams

  • Developing and communicating mission, vision and values

  • Team role preferences

  • Teams and personality type

  • Teamwork and listening skills

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Team exercise 2: The Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Special challenges of virtual teams

  • Debriefing, checklist and feedback

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